How to Visit Seven Magic Mountains: Colorful Rocks Near Vegas

You may have seen the photos of colorful rocks in the middle of the desert. The vibrant colors of these rocks create a stark contrast against the unsaturated desert. These colorful rocks near Vegas are known as Seven Magic Mountain. After seeing photos of Seven Magic Mountains years ago, I knew I had to visit. This spot looked unique, vibrant, and extremely photogenic. I saved the location and was determined to see this spot the next time I was in Nevada.

But, when the time came, and I booked a trip to Las Vegas, I was hesitant to visit. It looked like a really interesting installation, but was it worth going out of my way to see? The answer is yes! Visiting Seven Magic Mountains is worthwhile. While I did not spend long here, this was one of the most interesting exhibits I have ever visited. These colorful rocks are so dynamic in person. Who knew walking around a field of massive, colorful rocks would fuel me with so much joy and excitement?Seven Magic Mountains - Colorful Rocks Near Vegas

What are the Seven Magic Mountains?

Seven Magic Mountains is an art installation outside Las Vegas, Nevada. These colorful rocks near Vegas are a must-visit if you like large-scale artwork, unique destinations, or vibrant photo spots. This installation is by the renowned Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone. The exhibition, which is located on public land, opened on May 11, 2016. Seven Magic Mountains was set to be on display for two years. However, due to its immense popularity, this installation has been extended. There is not currently an end date for the installation. If you want to see these colorful rocks outside of Vegas, you should start planning your trip now!

Anna Hammerschmidt at Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains includes seven colorful rock pillars. Each of the rock pillars is 30-35 feet high. From far away, these colorful rocks may not look very big. However, when you are close up to the pillars, their large scale is impressive. Walking around these pillars makes you feel minuscule. And the juxtaposition of the vibrant rocks against the unsaturated desert makes this display truly remarkable. You don’t need to be an art enthusiast to enjoy visiting the Seven Magic Mountains. I can certainly appreciate most art. Yet, I have to say, giant, colorful pillars in the middle of a desert is my kind of art.  

Seven Magic Mountains

Are Seven Magic Mountains Still There 2024?

Yes! You can still visit these colorful rocks near Las Vegas in 2024. This is the second extension of Seven Magic Mountains. The installation was originally supposed to come down in 2018 and was then extended to 2021. However, Seven Magic Mountain has been extended again due to its massive popularity. Currently, there is no end date for when Ugo Rondinone’s installation in the Mojave Desert will come down. That being said, while there is no end date, be sure to visit painted rocks in Vegas as soon as possible. They may not be around forever.

Is there an Entrance Fee to Seven Magic Mountains Las Vegas? 

Seven Magic Mountains is located on public land and is completely free to enter. Visiting these colorful rocks is one of my favorite free things to do in Las Vegas. There is even free parking!

Seven Magic Mountains

Where are the Colorful Rocks Near Vegas?

These colorful rocks, Seven Magic Mountains, are located in Henderson, Nevada, a little over 26 miles south of Las Vegas.

How Far is Seven Magic Mountains from the Las Vegas Strip

Seven Magic Mountains is 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. For the best tips on how to get to Seven Magical Mountains, read the tips below.

Seven Magic Mountains

How to Get to Seven Magic Mountains

If you are trying to figure out how to get to Seven Magic Mountains, it is actually quite easy. But you will need a car. While this is one of the top attractions in Las Vegas, Seven Magic Mountains is not located on the Vegas Strip or even within the city of Las Vegas. These colorful rocks are located on Las Vegas Boulevard in Henderson, Nevada. It is about a 20-minute drive south of the city.

There are a few options to get to these colorful rocks near Vegas. I personally drove, as we were already renting a car. Renting a car allowed a lot of flexibility, and I could take photos at these rainbow rocks in Las Vegas as long as I wanted.

After looking at some of the tours available, a guided tour seems like a great alternative to visiting Seven Magic Mountains. The guided tours below stop at these colorful rocks for 30 minutes. 30 minutes is more than enough time to visit this installation and take plenty of photos! The guided tours also allow you to check out other things to do near Seven Magic Mountains.

Seven Magic Mountains Address: S Las Vegas Blvd Sloan, NV 89054



Getting to Seven Magic Mountains by Car

The only way to get to Seven Magic Mountains is by car. There is no public transportation to this spot. One of the best ways to get here is to drive yourself, whether you have your car or a rental. If you are renting a car, you may consider combining a visit to the Seven Magic Mountains with other sites outside of the city, like Red Rock Canyon or the Mojave Desert. Or you can stop here on your drive in or out of the city.

To get to these colorful rocks near Vegas, enter either “Seven Magic Mountains” or the address “S Las Vegas Blvd Sloan, NV 89054” into your GPS. If your GPS directions suggest that it will take much longer than 20 minutes to get to Seven Magic Mountains, try looking up the directions on a different app. I had trouble getting directions via the Apple Maps app; however, Google Maps worked perfectly.

Seven Magic Mountains Tours

Another great option when visiting Seven Magic Mountains is to take a guided tour if you are staying in Las Vegas. This will relieve the stress of renting a car and driving through the city. Plus, these tours allow you to see other amazing things near Vegas!

I would have done one of these two tours if I hadn’t already had a rental car for my road trip. They both include a visit to Seven Magic Mountains and some other great sites near Las Vegas. 



While I would suggest doing one of the full-day tours in order to see other incredible attractions outside of Las Vegas, if you have limited time, check out these guided tours.

Getting to the Colorful Rocks Near Vegas by Taxi/Uber

Taking an Uber from the Strip is an option. However, it is very costly due to the distance. An Uber would cost on average, $30- $50 each way. I would not recommend this option, as visiting Seven Magic Mountains is not a lengthy excursion. Your best option would be to rent a car for the day or take a tour to enjoy various sites outside the city.

While this is not my recommended option, if you only have a limited amount of time and cannot rent a car, you may consider taking an Uber. While it can be costly, you will be on your own time frame instead of a guided tour. 

Seven Magic Mountains

What to Wear to Seven Magic Mountains

Due to its smack dab in the desert, you will want to wear light-colored, breezy clothing at Seven Magic Mountains. Light colors will reflect the sun, so you are not baking in the desert heat.

In addition to light-colored clothing being practical, a white dress or light-colored dress is very striking against the desert landscape. It allows the colorful rock stacks of Seven Magic Mountains to shine in photographs.  

It was very windy when I visited, so I would suggest not wearing a short dress.

Seven Magic Mountains

How Lond to Spend at Seven Magic Mountains

Depending on your allotted time and how many photos you intend to take, you can spend 20 minutes to an hour at Seven Magic Mountains.

I spent approximately 30 minutes at these colorful rocks and believe I was able to get some great photos! That being said, if you want to take photos at every pillar without people in the background, more time will allow you to do this.

A visit to Seven Magic Mountain is an easy addition to other attractions outside of Las Vegas, so you can easily stop for a quick visit. Twenty minutes should be enough time to walk around the installation and take photos before heading to your next destination.

However, if you want to take incredible Instagrammable photos, you may want to allot yourself an hour to visit these colorful rocks outside Las Vegas. This will give you enough time to take photos from various angles and wait out crowds of people coming for empty photos. If you want photos without crowds, visit early in the morning.

Colorful Rocks in Vegas: Things to Know

Don’t Climb on Rocks

Seven Magic Mountains is, first and foremost, an art installation. While it may be tempting to climb to colorful rocks, don’t do it. There is signage saying not to climb on the rocks, so abide by these rules. It respects the artist and other people visiting the Seven Magic Mountains.

Anna Hammerschmidt Seven Magic Mountains

It’s Very Windy

It is extremely windy here. When I visited, there were gusts of winds and blowing sand. I wore my sunglasses the entire time to protect my eyes from the sand. If you bring your camera, avoid changing your lenses to reduce potential damage from the sand. While visiting the desert, you should bring a rain sleeve to protect your camera from sand damage. Learn from my mistakes, I did not bring one. While my camera doesn’t have any damage (that I am aware of), I would have had more peace of mind if I had protective coverage. 

Anna Hammerschmidt - wind at Seven Magic Mountains

Visit ASAP

Seven Magic Mountains has been extended again. But there is no telling how long this art installation will be there. Be sure to visit ASAP so you don’t miss your opportunity. That being said, they recently repainted these colorful rocks, so fingers crossed that they will extend this display.

Seven Magic Mountains Photo Tips

Seven Magic Mountains is hands down one of the most photo-worthy spots in Las Vegas. Follow these tips for getting great photos of these colorful rocks near Las Vegas.

Arrive Early

The sun is extremely harsh mid-day in Las Vegas, which can wash out the vibrant colors of the rock pillar in photos. Harsh sun can also lead to extreme shadows, making taking photos from particular angles difficult. These tall, colorful rock pillars can create intense shadows.

Arriving early also lets you beat the mid-day heat and afternoon crowds. I visited Seven Magic Mountains in the early afternoon on a weekday. A handful of people were there, yet I could still find angels to take photos without people in the background. On the weekends, however, it will be a lot more crowded. 

Protect Your Camera Gear

The wind is intense at these colorful rocks near Vegas. Perhaps it is because Seven Magic Mountains is located in a wide-open space. If you visit and it’s not windy, you’re in luck! But when the wind picks up, it leads to blowing sand, which could get into your camera. Avoid changing your camera lenses to prevent damage from the sand. A rain sleeve is another great way to protect your camera, as it keeps sand out of the crevices. 

Where to Stay Near Seven Magic Mountains

If you plan to visit Seven Magic Mountains, I highly recommend staying a night (or more) in Las Vegas. Even if you do not think you are a typical “Vegas person,” trust me, there are so many things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling. There are cool, artsy, and very photogenic spots along the Vegas Strip.

We stayed at The Venetian Las Vegas on my recent visit. I loved staying at this property. It’s located in an ideal spot on the Vegas Strip, and the hotel is stunning. I could not recommend staying here enough!

If you are an art lover, I curated a list of a couple of hotels I know you will love and will be the perfect addition to an art-focused trip to Vegas. These colorful rocks near Vegas are not the only artsy thing to do here. 

The Cosmopoliatan Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is essentially a walking art exhibit. With the digital art in the lobby and exhibits at the hotel, this is a modern art lovers’ dream.

Check Rates | Read Reviews

Wynn Las Vegas

The Wynn Las Vegas has plenty of public art displays throughout the hotel, which would make incredible photo opportunities. The displays have similar fun, colorful aesthetic to Seven Magic Mountains.

Check Rates | Read Reviews

Visiting Seven Magic Mountains Wrap-Up

This wraps up my guide for visiting these colorful rocks near Vegas. Ultimately, I think Seven Magic Mountains is well worth a visit. It was a fun and unique thing to do on my trip to Las Vegas, and I got some great photos there.  

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