Wroclaw Christmas Market Guide 2021- Dates, Tips, Events + Things to Do

The Wroclaw Christmas Market is by far one of the most magical in Poland. Scratch that, this Christmas market is one of the best in Europe. The Wroclaw Christmas market spans almost the entirety of the old town, attractions stretching across Plac Solny, two sides of Wrocław’s market square, and along various streets. The sheer scale of this market is not the only thing that makes it so attractive. The Wroclaw Christmas Market has a fairytale theme, which is apparent in every detail of the market. Prepare yourself for one of the most beautifully decorated, whimsical Christmas Market experiences with everything from a fairy forest, gnomes, rides, over-the-top mulled wine stands and so much more!

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Wroclaw Christmas Market Wroclaw Christmas Market

Wroclaw Christmas Market Overview 

How To Get To Wroclaw

Wroclaw is well connected by train to all the major cities in Poland. Keep in mind that many of the third-party websites such as Omio and Rome2Rio do not include the PKP Intercity trains, which service Poland. Make sure to compare train tickets directly on the PKP Intercity website, I noticed these trains were the quickest and cheapest when traveling between Polish cities. Additionally, Wroclaw has its own airport, making it a great spot for a weekend getaway or to start your Christmas Market trip in Poland.

Where To Stay When Visiting Wroclaw’s Christmas Market

Wroclaw is an extremely walkable city with some great and affordable hotels. Keep in mind that hotel prices are higher than average during the Christmas Markets. 

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I stayed at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Wroclaw and thought it was a great place to stay. The hotel had so many incredible perks for Hilton Honors members and has a modern, sleek design. The Doubletree is around a 10-minute walk to Wroclaw’s Market Square. This is a great place to stay if you want to have easy access to the market without staying directly in the Old Town. 

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Wroclaw Christmas Market 2021 Dates

The official Wroclaw Christmas markets 2021 dates are from November 19th to December 31st.

Keep in mind, the Wroclaw Christmas Market is closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, December 24th and December 25th.

Wroclaw Christmas Markets Hours 

Monday-Sunday: 10 am-9 pm

December 24th and 25th: Closed

December 26th: 1 pm-9 pm

December 31: Shops close at 5 pm and food closes at 2 am

Wroclaw Christmas Market Locations 

The Wroclaw Christmas Market spans most of the old town, to form one massive and incredible Christmas Market. The different locations of the Wroclaw Christmas Market flow together, so you will most likely hit all the locations while wandering around. However, the sheer size of the Christmas market can be overwhelming and you don’t want to miss any of the adorable stalls or key attractions in each location.

Wroclaw Christmas Market

Market Square

Market Square is the heart of the Wroclaw Christmas Market. Here you will find an extensive amount of stalls selling everything from food to gifts. This is a great spot to sip on mulled wine at one of the many over-the-top dispensaries. The dispensaries range from a typical Christmas pyramid to a two-story house where you can sit inside or on the observation deck.

Wroclaw Christmas Market

Wroclaw Christmas MarketWroclaw Christmas Market

Wroclaw Christmas Market

All the major attractions and entertainment can be found in Market Square. There are attractions in Market Square that are fun for all ages including Christmas-themed rides and games. One of the wine dispensary houses even has interactive window displays. This is a great spot to sip on a hot beverage as your kids play with the window displays. Or, if you are a child at heart, like I am, enjoy the interactive displays and games for yourself.

Wroclaw Christmas Market

Wroclaw Christmas Market Wroclaw Christmas Market Wroclaw Christmas Market

One of the highlights of the Wroclaw Christmas Market is the ‘Bajkowy Lasek’, Fairy Tale Forest. Here you will find a “forest” of Christmas trees and a collection of boxes with animatronic characters conveying fairy tales. To watch the fairy tales, you put a coin in to the box and a curtain opens to play the fairy tale.

'Bajkowy Lasek', Fairy Tale Forest Wroclaw Christmas Market

The theme of the Wroclaw Christmas Market is fairy tales. The best spot to see the fairy tale elements are in Market Square. Aside from the Bajkowy Lasek, there is a gnome and a sleigh with reindeer in Market Square. Make sure your eyes are peeled for gnomes walking around the market!

Wroclaw Christmas Market

Plac Solny

Plac Solny is located adjacent to Wroclaw’s Market Square. There are some food stalls scattered around the square. However, it is far less crowded and jam-packed with stuff than Market Square. The main attraction in Pac Solny is the three-story mulled wine house. Walk up to the third-floor balcony to get a bird’s eye view of the market. Plac Solny is a great spot to enjoy the Wroclaw Christmas Market if you are looking for a quieter spot to sip on mulled wine.

Wroclaw Christmas MarketWroclaw Christmas Market

Oławska and Świdnicka Streets

Oławska and Świdnicka Streets lead into the Market Square. These two streets welcome you into the Wroclaw Christmas Market and are lined with stalls. Most of the stalls along Oławska and Świdnicka sell gifts, yet there are some food stalls scattered throughout. The twinkling lights strung between the colorful buildings make these streets a picturesque spot to stroll.

Wroclaw Christmas Market Wroclaw Christmas Market

Christmas Market Events at the Wroclaw Christmas Market

If you can, plan your visit to the Wroclaw Christmas Market during one of the events. While Christmas Market in Wroclaw begins in late November, the major events don’t begin until December. The events include various Christmas parades, the official Christmas tree lighting, and more! I visited Wroclaw in late November and unfortunately missed the parades. After seeing photos online, I wished I would have visited Wroclaw a few days later to experience one of the over-the-top Christmas parades. However, there is so much to see and do at the Wroclaw Christmas Market, that no matter when you visit, you are sure to have an incredible experience. 

What to Eat and Drink at the Wroclaw Christmas Market

Grzaniec Galicyjski

Grzaniec Galicyjski is the Polish name for mulled wine. Mulled wine is a big part of Christmas Markets in Europe and Poland, yet it is especially a big deal in Wroclaw. The mulled wine stalls and houses are incredible. Some of the mulled wine houses are two-three stories high with indoor seating and balconies overlooking the market. The mulled wine is deliciously sweet and spicy, making it the perfect treat to warm up with. Additionally, the Wroclaw Christmas Market is one of the few in Poland that serves mulled wine in ceramic mugs. You have to put down a small deposit on the mug, which you get back when it is returned. If you don’t want mulled wine, you can also have mulled beer and hot chocolate at these stalls.

Grzaniec Galicyjski - Polish mulled wine in festive mug Standing outside the mulled wine house

Wroclaw Christmas Market


Kielbasa, which is Polish sausage is found at every Christmas market in Poland. The smell of this sausage lingers throughout the market, enticing you to try it. This is a delicious and hearty meal. 

Wroclaw Christmas Market


If you have a sweet tooth, the Wroclaw Christmas Market has a huge variety of sweets from around Europe including Belgian waffles, Hungarian chimney cakes, churros, and fruit dipped in chocolate. 

Wroclaw Christmas Market

What to Buy at the Wroclaw Christmas Market

Christmas Ornaments

After exploring five different Christmas Markets in Poland, my favorite Christmas ornaments were found in Wroclaw. There were various stalls selling ornaments, yet one, in particular, stood out. There is a stall selling hand-painted gnome Christmas ornaments. A gnome Christmas ornament is the perfect Wroclaw Christmas Market souvenir, as the market is fairytale themed and there are gnome statues scattered around Wroclaw.

Wroclaw Christmas Market Wroclaw Christmas Market


When visiting European Christmas markets, you may have your heart set on taking back some gingerbread as a souvenir. Yet, I did not see gingerbread at every Christmas market in Poland. The gingerbread in Wroclaw is delicious and is decorated with various designs, making it a great souvenir or snack. 

Christmas Market in Wroclaw: Wrap-up

This wraps up the guide to visiting the Christmas Market in Wroclaw. Visiting this Christmas market is one of the best things to do in Wroclaw at Christmas. The Wroclaw Christmas Market is truly one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe due to its theme, location, and endless Christmassy decor. If you’re planning to visit other Christmas markets, check out these other Christmas markets in Poland! If you’re looking to venture outside of Poland, Wroclaw is nearby to both Dresden and Prague which boasts some of the best Christmas Markets.